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Discover helpful services, inspiring stories, and practical tools designed to help you elevate your confidence and assist you in your leadership journey!

Let us come alongside and partner with you to identify what best fits your individual or team needs.


Transform your leadership skills and achieve your career goals with our personalized and results-driven leadership coaching package.

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Our consulting and workshop packages are designed for those looking to improve their processes, strategies, and tackle complex challenges with purpose.

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Speaking Engagements

Our speaking engagements cover a diverse range of topics, and feature leaders who share their expertise and experience to provide a deeper understanding of each topic.

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Corporate Events

Partner with our team to design corporate events that foster a healthy and engaged workplace culture while empowering your employees to grow both personally and professionally.

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Are you seeking more information about our assessments for you or your team? We offer a variety of assessments built to meet the needs of your personal or team development.

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Change the way you see your life, and the passion with which you live it! Our introductory course helps activates you to understand yourself and reach for your goals. 

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Coaching you to clarify and activate your calling so you can thrive in all you are and do. Trisha interviews, coaches, and teaches on how we can thrive as we live our purpose each day!

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Our blog is a regularly updated resource that presents a wide range of topics and allows leaders, such as yourself, to explore and read into topics that could benefit your life, and help you thrive.

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Subscription to Leadership Center including monthly coaching calls, expert interviews, and an exclusive networking community.

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Personal Development Plan

This is a great tool to help you focus on the next step towards reaching goals.

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Gender Equity Reflection

A one-page guided reflection for individual & group use!

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Download research performed to help churches equitably diversify toward the future!

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Calling Clarity Worksheet

Follow this Vocational Triangle worksheet & come away with a clearer understanding of what you're made to do!

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