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I have an incredible story for you via the wife of one of my clients. She posted this story online and has inspired a whole community. It’s the story of her husband coming alive through coaching. We worked together for four weeks and this happened…

Around 9 months ago, my husband did vocational coaching with Trisha Welstad (worth the investment, if you’re wondering). After one of their sessions, she told him, “You’re half dead.” And she wasn’t wrong. My husband’s job is hard…as in, I would crumble after a week of doing it. The last 2 years, it’s been exceptionally difficult. Through the process of vocational coaching, Trisha asked Mark questions that led him to risk sharing about his joy in racing. “Tell me more about this racing thing,” she said.

It had been 14 years since he’d raced. For someone who has “responsibility” as one of their greatest strengths, it actually can feel wrong to do something for yourself. And when the thing you love to do feels uncommon or in this case, also very expensive and time-consuming, it can feel straight-up selfish. Especially as a parent. After lots of evaluating, listening, and conversation, Trisha said, “Race the car.” Actually…she said, “Race the d*mn car.” ”You’re half-dead. Race the bleepin’ car.” It became a marital montra in our house, and I considered making merch.

So he did. He found a car in California and began the process of rebuilding it. There were many, many times in the last 9 months where Mark doubted if it was the right choice. He almost sold the car before he even raced it. Just because you pray about something, seek wise counsel, get confirmation from the Holy Spirit, and feel peace about moving forward, does *not* mean things are gonna be easy. There have been sacrifices and challenges. He’s worked SO hard.

And then I got a front-row seat to some modern-day miracles. Friends and family have helped him in the garage numerous times, sacrificing hours out of their day. They’ve carved out time to watch him race and join our yell-your-guts-out-crazy-loud group in the grandstands. People have texted and prayed. They cared for us during an awful wreck and celebrated during the wins when we couldn’t stop smiling.

Financial sponsorship came in the sweetest and dearest ways. You can’t race at this level without sponsors. And when people say through their presence, their time, and their resources: “I see you, and I want to help you”, it’s deeply humbling. I believe it’s one of the most selfless, beautiful things humans can do for each other.

I’ve seen Mark interact joyfully with little kids asking for his autograph, intently listening while they tell him about their own interests. I’ve seen people in their retirement years contribute in meaningful ways and feel appreciated and a part of something again. I get choked up watching the way our daughters run to Mark after a race, so proud of their daddy. He carries himself in the pits with class and integrity, remaining honest and composed in tense moments (‘cuz there is drama in every sport, even racing).

Last night, Mark set the track record and won the last race of the season!!! He ended up winning ½ the races this season. He is INCREDIBLE. He drives his car on the track the way he works on it in the garage…with precision, strategy, and passion.

Today, as I listened to the Bible-in-a-Year podcast on our drive home; it happened to be 2 Samuel 22, which says: “Your help made me great.” God’s help makes people great. We’re not great on our own. The original translation says, “Your gentleness made me great.” And this gentle help from the Lord has come in unexpected, beautiful ways the past 9 months, to the degree that I wanted to document it here on social media. Because I think a lot of us are half-dead, and because I just witnessed the collective joy that comes from people living out: “What matters to you, matters to me.”


Here’s my question for you as you read this story: are you living your life to the fullest level of who you were made to be?

I am starting our Life Calling Discovery class and it is the exact same content as the coaching I did with Mark.

I’d love to have you, your staff and your friends join me in being fully alive in our Life Calling! 

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