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Is it Time to Transition?

We all gradually accept that one of the constants in our lives is change. Yet, there is a difference between the changes around us and the transitions that happen within us. Change may or may not prompt an internal process of transition for us. 

How do you know when it’s time to transition your thinking, your work, your daily activities? 

Often there will be a series of experiences that unsettle us.

I have walked through much transition with my family, my work, my ideologies. I have also had the opportunity to accompany many others as a coach, a pastor,  and a peer in their journeys of transition. 

From these experiences and studying transition theories, I know internal transition regularly comes through an ending or loss, which leads to disruption. The pathway of disruption makes space for a new way of being and doing to emerge. 

In my work as a coach, clients regularly reach out for support in discerning their felt state of transition. They know change is upon them but they are unsure of how to navigate their transition while staying aligned with their calling.

Over the next few weeks I am going to share learning from my work and my community on how to transition in a way that keeps us aligned in our vocation. 

We are going to look at: 

  1. When to transition 

  2. What do do in the midst of transition 

  3. How to find our new normal 

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