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How Pain Shapes Your Calling

Have you ever wondered if your pain could be redeemed? How can the difficulties we have gone through be transformed to make meaning and healing for ourselves and others? In our third episode in our Called to Thrive podcast, we look at the themes of pain in our life toward understanding how they shape our calling.

Trisha continues to coach Sara Lattimore in our third episode, asking questions about Sara’s experience of pain and how it relates to the thread of her vocation.

In Episode Three We Cover:

  1. How our wounds create meaning in our story

  2. Understanding themes from pain experiences

  3. Finding connections between our pain and values

Our pain is sometimes an area we do not want to explore. Understanding our initial feelings from a wound and how they come up throughout our life reveals ways we attempt to protect and heal. You will notice in this episode that Trisha mentions that our values are often a desire for the inverse of our pain.

In our next podcast we connect our values and pain themes with our hope for healing in the world.


Questions for Reflection

I invite Sara to consider the following questions in our podcast. How would you respond?

  • What is your earliest pain memory or most formative pain experience?

  • What feelings surround that experience and subsequent wounds? Look for a theme.

  • Do you see a relationship between the values from your favorite story and your pain theme? 

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