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Discover Your Calling. Part 3

What is your vision for the world?

Yes, I know this is the world peace question. It may seem daunting but when connected with your own healing and life themes, vocation begins to emerge.

Calling Tip 3: Healing for all

Let’s think of that first question in a more personal way.

  • If you could bring healing to some group or some thing what would it be?

  • Take a moment to visualize wholeness in them/that area. What does it feel and look like?

  • Now, imagine you have all the money and skills to accomplish this vision. What would you do?

Consider your own healing and life themes. Look for the intersections. They are there.


👉 My next post will give a bonus tip that helps bring these first three tips together!

✋ Also, if you struggling to activate these three tips, schedule a discovery conversation with me. Here’s the link! I love helping people find their WHY...and their HOW!

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