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Discover Your Calling: Part 2

What do we do with our pain?

Have you ever considered that the painful circumstances are a part of forming your vocation?

In looking at our interior life, we all have painful experiences that have shaped us. These too are part of the iceberg- those things that have happened and are part of our being in one way or another that affect how we are present with ourselves and others.

Calling Tip 2: Re-examine your pain

Consider a painful experience from your history.

  • If you have healed from that experience, what meaning does it hold for you now?

  • Do you feel passion around that scar?

  • Possibly a desire to care for others out of your own wounds and healing?

  • How are you letting your life experiences, both the good and the bad, serve you as you bring healing to the world?

The more you honestly process your experiences of pain, the more you are able to find meaning, passion and vocation. If you have not done this much, it is often necessary to have a safe person or community to support you.


May you have courage today to see your pain,

to sit with it,

to continue to heal,

and to move more intentionally into your passion,

so the world may be made whole.

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