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5 Qualities of a Great Coach

How are you being coached to grow your skills and abilities?

As a coach, I am currently getting coached to grow my skills and abilities to serve clients better. While the training has been in a group setting, the actual practice of 1-1 and group coaching and watching it back (painful!) has been so good for me. I am learning how to empower my clients to access their own genius while also seeing that sometimes I am a great coach and sometimes I am a great consultant-- the two are very different.

I share all of this because the more I am being coached in various areas of my life, I see the immense benefit of having a coach. And, while I'd love to coach you or your team, it's in your best interest to find someone who's a great fit for you.

Qualities you want in a coach:

  • Safety: The ability for you to be completely honest and feel safe with what you share
  • Clarity: Someone who helps you access new awareness of your identity, dreams and abilities
  • Action: A coach who helps you move through barriers and find your access points for transformation
  • Consistency: They will show up every time and support you with the same non-biased presence
  • Modeling: Find a coach who continually embodies a character you want in your own life

So, how do you find a great coach?

  1. First determine the type of coach you need. Are you looking to grow your business or discern more clearly your vocational future? Are you looking for a life coach or a professional coach in your field?
  2. Whatever fits your needed growth area, the next step is to consider your virtual and local network. Who do you know that is connected with a coach in this area? Do any of your peers happen to be a coach?
  3. Get in touch with the people who know or are coaches (maybe the top 2-3 to start) and set up a few discovery conversations to see if their services are a great fit for you.
  4. Finally, choose a coach and commit for at least four sessions. Ideally, you will want to give yourself time to settle into the relationship and grow through your work with your coach. This often takes a minimum of 3 months and can extend out over a period of a year or more.

Best to you in this process! It's most important that you find a great coach that fits your needs and there are many top-level coaches out there who can support you in any stage of life and work.

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