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 Life Calling Discovery Course

A 4-week course to clarify your calling so you can thrive in all you are and do.

Is This Course Right for You?

Life Calling Discovery is a short, introductory course to clarifying, owning, and activating your vocation. Change the way you see your life, and the passion with which you live it!

Our program is designed to help you gain clarity on your unique calling, exploring how your life experiences and values can be harnessed to heal the world through your own healing journey.

We'll help you:

  • Discern your calling
  • Understand your healing
  • Write your Vocational Credo
  • It's time to live your calling!


Life Calling Discovery Course


  • Access to all 4 modules so you can go at your own pace
  • Workbook Download & Guides
  • Membership & Conversation Space
  • Access to more coaching, resources, and support!
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“Leadership Center helped me walk through various aspects of how God created me, the strengths I have, and how those inform my calling.”

- Mark

What Do The Modules Entail?

module 1

Module #1

We'll walk through defining vocation and why it matters for the longevity of your life.

Module 2

Module #2

We all have calling. Here we'll discern what your particular calling is and how to live it out.

Module 2

Module #3

Explore how pain and personal history shape our calling and how we see the world.

Module 2

Module #4

Write your Vocational Credo in 25 words! Your clarified calling is the baseline for your life.

Tailored Coaching

We offer both group coaching in our Leadership Cohort and 1:1 coaching in addition to the online class. You can sign up for coaching when you begin or during the course.

Come curious and bring questions and insights you have for our time! You can also join in on conversation prompts, questions, and conversations about our challenges in this process through our members space.

In group coaching you get to join a community conversation of people clarifying their calling, just like you!

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